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To my knowledge, there aren’t any cases that discuss the «backup theory» of ROM downloads. However, I think that most courts would have trouble with the idea of downloading an unauthorized copy as a backup. Downloading a ROM is a bit different from the example you cited, in that even though you did not make the backup yourself, it was YOUR COPY that was copied, not your friend’s copy. Also, the backup version in your example is fixed in the same type of media and could be used in the same way. Any game released into the public domain is, by definition, legal to download or modify. However, unauthorized fan-games and translation patches are probably copyright violations.

  • In 100% Zippyless category we must complete all levels, find all implants and weapons (except Zippy 3000 because 500 hours of mind-pumping gambling is bruh).
  • @doodlewhizz Mgba dev specifically called out Nintendo, as stated in the tweet.
  • ROM Nation is one of the oldest and most trusted websites for downloading ROMs.
  • Sprinkle a final time to switch the carving to an alternate form.

Unlike the original, there is no Telepathic Tile or blue floor, leaving only the Rupees for you to collect. The predecessors of Link and Zelda face monsters on the march when a menacing magician takes over the kingdom. This time, the stage is set a long time before Link’s exploits, an era when Hyrule was still one kingdom. The Escapist, G4TV, GameSpy, Good Game, IGN, Nintendo Life, and PALGN referenced the Chris Houlihan room in articles which discuss video game easter eggs and secrets.

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Metal Gear Survive Metal Gear Survive is a survival crafting game and the last original Konami title that was not a soccer game or an addition to the YuGiOh franchise. As The Captain, players explore a ruined alternate dimension known as Dite, rescuing castaways and discovering the terrible secrets that brought this world to ruin. Based on an idea from Hideo Kojima and featuring creature design by Masahiro Ito, the budget title makes extensive use of the Fox Engine for a fun if jank experience.

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Windjammers What happens if you mix Air Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, and just a little bit of Fighting Games? Easy to pick up, difficult to master, and a guaranteed fun time! Six characters, all viable, each with their own unique stats and super custom throws! Gets even better when stages add bumpers into the mix, creating super wacky interactions! Arcade allows for a fairly challenging run without it feeling like an autoscroller.

I don’t know the details beyond that the Player itself is a GBA. What if instead of a GBA emulator you made a GB Player emulator? Say you made it so you could connect a legitimate GB Player to your PC and use it to play GBA games.

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