The brand new Triangular Like Level (Sternberg, 1997) are adjusted on the Greek test from the Kordoutis (2008)

The brand new Triangular Like Level (Sternberg, 1997) are adjusted on the Greek test from the Kordoutis (2008)

A positioning away from immigrants for the its lifestyle culture would be a lot more predictive regarding lower love proportions, if you are a direction into the Greek community might possibly be more predictive out-of high like dimensions.


Total, 333 anybody hired from the broad part of Athens, aged away from 18 so you’re able to 66 many years (M=, S.D.=), took part in this research. Of one’s people 231 (69.4%) was indeed Greek (89 people and you can 142 women) and you can 102 (31.6%) were immigrants away from Albania (30 guys and you may 72 lady). There were no tall differences about your nation therefore the gender out of participants. Regarding forty two.5% (163 some one) was hitched having pupils, 21.9% (72 anybody) were partnered without having pupils and you will 28.6% (94 individuals) had been single.


Analysis range occurred in 2011. This new forms was indeed applied physically to each and every new member after that have received agree. For every new member gotten a randomly bought questionnaire packet that necessary them to respond to questions. It absolutely was emphasized that the research was basically anonymous, the latest involvement volunteer there is no duty to participate or to keep playing.


The fresh new balances of the questionnaire package had been interpreted away from Greek into Albanian from the bilingual audio system (and you will translated back again to Greek). All of the members completed the following methods:

The household Worthy of Level (Georgas, 1999), found in the current analogy, strategies two issues: (a) hierarchical roles away from dad and mom (the father should be the lead from family, the fresh new mom’s place is at domestic, the mother ought to be the wade-anywhere between, the father must be the breadwinner, the mother should accept new dad’s ily and with kin (moms and dads is train people proper actions, is always to honor and you can include the newest family’s character, issues shall be resolved in this loved ones, should manage an effective connections with loved ones, pupils should maintain more mature mothers). All the questions was strategies to your an excellent four-section size, with that indicating ‘disagree’ and you can five ‘agree’. Cronbach’s leader coefficients toward Albanian immigrants were ?=0.80 to the hierarchical opportunities out of dad and mom, and you may ?=0.74 having members of the family dating. To possess Greeks, coefficients were ?=0.75 and ?=0.60 respectively.

Immigrants’ acculturation is mentioned using a modified brand of the Vancouver Index off Acculturation (Ryder ainsi que al., 2000). The brand new particular 18 items included in this research analyzes brand new customs and you may mainstream proportions of acculturation. The two-dimensional construction enabled us to browse the the newest integration to the a couple of societies independently. Situations was indeed in pairs pertaining to more existence domains legit couples seeking men sites (relaxed existence, all over the world involvement, classification interaction), that have one product from inside the for each partners speaking about community also to Greek people. Samples of activities are ‘I’m selecting keeping or development way of living out-of my personal tradition culture’ ‘I’m searching for Greek traditions’. Per product had a 5-section Likert-style rating. Every subscale yielded an overall total score off involvement inside the traditions and you will in main-stream Greek culture, with a rating of just one indicating a low amount of community involvement and you may a rating of 5 showing a leading amount of people engagement. In the modern test, Cronbach’s leader coefficients for Greek and you can Albanian participants was in fact ?=0.84 to own customs dimension and you can an effective=0.75 getting traditional aspect.

The fresh Greek version contained slight transform off Sternberg’s adaptation, reflecting cultural differences when considering regions. The Triangular Love Level include about three subscales: Intimacy, Welfare and Union. Brand new Closeness subscale contains 15 issues built to evaluate feelings out-of enthusiasm, closeness, connectedness and you will bondedness within the a loving relationship (‘I discover big psychological help off _____,’ ‘I’m next to _____,’ ‘I believe which i can really faith _____, etcetera.). This new fifteen products which make up the brand new Interests subscale determine ‘the fresh new pushes conducive in order to love, real attraction, sexual consummation, and you will associated phenomena in loving relationships’ (‘I can not think someone else while making me due to the fact pleased because ____ does’, ‘There is nothing more critical in my opinion than just my reference to _____’, ‘My relationship with _____ is very romantic’) (Sternberg, 1997, p. 315 ). The selection/Partnership subscale (fifteen points) analyzes attitude of stability and you can commitment to keeping the fresh love (‘I am able to always become an effective obligations to possess _____’, ‘We expect my personal love for _____ in order to continue for with the rest of my personal life’, ‘I can’t imagine finish my experience of _____’). All the questions had been procedures for the an effective 9-area measure, that have that proving ‘firmly disagree’ and nine ‘firmly agree’. In the modern sample, Cronbach’s leader coefficients towards Albanian immigrants have been getting Closeness ?=0.93, getting Hobbies ?=0.90 and for Union ?=0.93. To own Greeks, coefficients were ?=0.96, ?=0.90 and you can ?=0.95, correspondingly.

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